Product Name:1.5kg for Puppy Dog
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    Update Time:2014.05.30
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    High Quality Puppy Dog Food is applying Calcium Lactate Milk and Fresh Meat Mud,

    Calcium Lactate Milk is rich in trace elements and Vitamins,this can help with healthy growth of epithelial tissue,nurish the epidermis,dermis and subcutaneous tissue in depth to make back hair smooth and bright.

    Fresh Meat Mud has the effect of living blood vessels and increasing temperament,there are Vitamin C,E and so on,with high digestibility,and it is easy to be absorbed.

    Nutrition Analysis:

    Crude Protein ≥24%


    Crude Fiber≤5%

    Crude Ash≤ 6.5%



    Phosphorus: 1.0-1.2%

    Salt: 1.0-1.5%

    Water: ≤10%




    (1)Three zero formula: No Preservatives,No Synthetic colors,No Fragrance,

    (2)Adding 50% of fresh meat which is after aseptic fermentation,this can suit the meat-eating habit of the animal,with pet food is with superior palatability and stamina

    (3)High-end Beautiful Package,Detailed introduction,Humanize Design


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