Product Name:5kg for Adult Dog
    Standard Price:0Yuan/Pieces
    Promotion Price:0Yuan/Pieces
    Update Time:2017.08.21
    Product Unit:Yeasa Company
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    Fresh Beef,Rice,Corn,Yeast,Spirulina,dehydrated fruits,linseed oil,vegetable oil,animal fat,fish oil ,essential amino acids for the dog,minerals,oligo fructose,Peanut Acids,energy element combination ,Taurine,Yucca and so on.

    Nutritions Analysis:

    Crude Protein≥24%  Crude Fiber≤5%

    Crude Ash≤7%   L-ysine≥0.8%

    Calcium 1.0-1.5%   Phosphorus 1.0-1.2%

    Salt 0.5-1.52%    Water≤10%


    Good quality meats can offer high quality protein and nutritions for the dog,which can make the dog have a good immunity system,

    This formula has a high digestion rate, so that the dog can get more nutrions from the food to keep healthy and active,

    The fat acids ,Vitamin A and B of the food can make the pet fur glossy


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